Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes I literally can't believe what I'm seeing.

What just happened can't possibly have occurred. This apartment is only intact and undamaged because the closest thing to me when the referees made that call in the third period was a pillow. If it was anything else, this place would be in shambles. I threw a tantrum like a little five-year-old, and I had good reason to.

The Ducks "beat" the Wings tonight in game three to take a 2-1 series lead. The call I'm referring to is the play at the end of the third period when Old Man Niedermayer misplayed a dump-in behind his net, Franzen pounced on it and tried a wrap around on Hiller, who had no idea where it was. The puck slid beneath him and into the open crease area, where Hossa then dived out of nowhere and smacked the puck in for what should have been the tying score. But, of course, the NHL hates the Red Wings and can't possibly deal with the fact that they are without a doubt the best team hockey has seen in years, so the referees waived off the goal.

Their reasoning was that the whistle was blown and the play was dead before the puck crossed the line. The replays suggest otherwise. From what creeped into my cerebellum, I definitely heard the whistle blow AFTER Hossa hit the puck in. But why deal with the what ifs? Just go to the war room in Toronto like they have with EVERY SINGLE GOAL SO FAR THIS POSTSEASON. Oh wait, it's the Red Wings? Nah, we'll skip that part. We'll let them lose this game and put their season on edge. No big deal.

I can comprehend a referee blowing his whistle when the puck is loose but it's outside his line of sight. It's still a completely asinine thing to do, but it happens. I get that. The problem is that this particular case was reviewable and they didn't review it. I can't stand it. If it wasn't quarter of two in the morning, I'd still be stomping around, hitting everything in sight with a pillow, pulling my hair out, and screaming obscenities loud enough to wake the aliens on Mars. The amount of anger boiled up inside of me that has mixed with the emotions from the triple overtime loss is ridiculous. A human being shouldn't be alive with blood pressure this high. And I'm supposed to go to sleep now? Not. remotely. possible.

I can only pray to Yzerman that the same referees are not on tap for game four. I don't think I could handle it. I'm still going to stay as positive as I can and imagine the Wings taking game four, gaining momentum and taking the series, but now I definitely won't be back to look back on Scrubs with happy thoughts tomorrow. That post will have to wait until later. There's too much anger here to have it all go away in a single day. Goodnight.

UPDATE (5/6): I thought the goal was reviewable because they said on TV that they could check to see when the whistle was blown. If it was blown after the puck went in, it could be ruled a goal, but I have found out now that I was mistaken. The play was not reviewable.

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