Thursday, May 28, 2009

Done deal. Bring on the rematch.

So, my new apartment in Gloucester, Mass. that I'm living in while I complete my summer internship has neither cable nor internet. Thus, this post is a bit delayed from what it would have been had I been able to post last night.

But, as you can see, all is well in Red Wing land. I watched from a nearby bar and received many awkward looks when the Red Wings scored and I jumped from my seat with a loud cheer of excitement. I didn't care; the Wings are back in the Finals! With an overtime goal by HELM no less! God, I just love that guy. He never disappoints.

The game itself was great. Somehow, Cristobal Huet actually looked like a real goalie in regulation (especially on that unbelievable pad/skate save on Franzen with 22 seconds left) and Osgood was phenomenal once again; I'm growing more and more confident in him with each passing game. The Wings could have won in regulation, but that damned Patrick Kane had to make something happen with that ridiculous backhand shot over Ozzie's shoulder for a goal to tie it. I was slightly worried at that point, but I was very happy to see the Wings pull it out. A game six in Chicago would not have been too ideal, even if it eventually meant more rest for the Wings.

And on that note, why did the NHL all of a sudden move up the Finals to start this Saturday? AND have game two the very next day on Sunday?! I don't understand that at all, especially since they originally said the Finals would start on June 5th. It makes me angry only because I know the Wings will need both Datsyuk and Lidstrom (and Draper too, hopefully) back and healthy to win another tough series against their best opponent to date. Don't get me wrong; I'm not scared of the Penguins, but I know they present a strong challenge if we don't have Captain Lidstrom to shut down Crosby and/or Malkin. I think it will definitely be a tougher series this year. The Pens won't be scared or jittery in games one and two like they were last year, that's for sure.

I need to actually write some real work, (which you can find at the Gloucester Daily Times), before the day starts to get hectic, but I'll use some more time where I should be working tomorrow to write a more in-depth Cup Finals preview and prediction. See you then. Go Wings!

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