Friday, May 15, 2009

Brief sigh of relief

So I watched the first 10 minutes of the first period, and then I went to Third Eye Blind and received updates from friends and family about the game. Chris Moore summed it up perfectly in his comment on my last post: Third Eye Blind was good, not great and certainly not game-seven great. So, I missed out. But from what I hear and read, the Wings won an epic game where the officiating was a joke. Now, they're moving on to face the kiddy 'Hawks in the conference finals. Oh, joy.

I don't anticipate Lil' Gary liking the fact that the Wings made it through to the West finals, but after not suspending Scott Walker and letting him score the series-winner against the B's, he doesn't deserve to be happy. The league's officials are awful and the basis for suspensions are completely inconsistent and terrible this postseason. I've enjoyed watching the playoffs thus far, but the NHL has completely messed up in many areas. I could talk about it more and I certainly would if the Wings had lost, since I was told there were a few non-calls on Pronger and others last night, but my team's still alive so I'm grateful and happy. Movin' on.

The Wings don't get much rest before they play Chicago at home on Sunday afternoon, but I think they'll come out firing. Chicago fans and the Blackhawks players may have wanted this matchup, but they'll soon learn that was a huge mistake.

Back tomorrow with Conference Finals previews and predictions. Way to go Wings.

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