Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kill me now.

Just do it. If this series is going to be anything like 2007, I don't want to live to see it. If the Wings are going to put me through that much stress and exhaustion in every game this series, just kill me now. I don't want to see the Wings lose at the hands of the Ducks ever again.

I hate how the game ended. It felt exactly like game five of the Finals last year, when the Red Wings dominated every second of play in the first two overtimes and then somehow lost in the third. That lucky, top corner shot by Marchant is one he'll never make again. No way Ozzie could've stopped it; I don't blame anyone on the Wings. It was just not going to go their way today.

I really don't understand how anyone in the world can be a Ducks fan. How can you root for a team where literally every player is a scumbag? The star player, Getzlaf, loves himself so much he has permanently gelled hair. The best defenseman, Niedermayer, looks and acts so old he's virtually useless until the post-game bingo numbers are called. Pronger and Perry are both cheap shot artists who haven't shown even the occasional flash of talent or intelligence since their careers began. In reality, this team might be the one I despise most out of every team I've ever watched. At least with the Avalanche, I always respected Sakic. Sometimes I hated him, but when the game was over I figured he was probably a good person. I can't see that with any of the Ducks players. Zero.

I can't believe I'm even writing right now. When that puck hit the netting, I literally just turned off the TV and sat with my head in my hands for minutes that felt like hours. Then, when I mustered the energy to move, I crawled into bed for another hour of sulking. Literally, if this series is going to be this intense every game, I can't do it. The possibility of the Ducks winning and moving on as the eighth seed would kill me.

I need to move on. The Wings can do it. They can come back and take game three, and then all will be forgiven. But until Tuesday, I'll have nightmares of '07 keeping my heart pumping and my brain melting. So, I'll leave on that note. I haven't given up hope, but this one's gonna be a bitch to handle for a couple days.

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