Friday, May 1, 2009

Liddy Boy!

Whew, what a game. I have a feeling they'll all be like this one. Back and forth tie games that come down to the third period. The Wings won 3-2 with a goal from Captain Lidstrom with under a minute left, after Lids redirected a shot to Hiller, then skated past two Duck forwards to get the rebound and send it through Hiller's five-hole. Awesome.

The play could have been prevented if either of the Ducks forwards (I don't recall who they were...I thought one of them was Bobby Ryan) tried to stop Lidstrom from getting to the net, but they ignored him and they lost game one because of it.

I'm pretty pumped up, but I could just as easily be lying in the fetal position on the floor right now. I sat hunched over my chair from about 12 minutes left in the third until the final goal, jittering in anticipation. I just had a feeling the game wasn't going to go to overtime, and I could only hope the Wings were going to be the ones to score the game-winner. They did. Their solid play in this game gives me confidence, but I'm still weary of those Duckies. They're tough. I just hope nothing else like the cheap shot on Hudler happens. Mike Brown needs to be suspended for that. Ten stitches from a thrown elbow merits at least a game, especially with the way the league has been handing them out recently. In case you missed it...

Hudler came back into the game in the second period, but it is just completely clear to me that Brown decided to throw up his forearms and elbows. He could have leaned down and absolutely crushed Hudler with his shoulder, but he went for the cheap shot. There's just no other way you can look at it when the refs handed out a 5-minute major and a game misconduct. It's how the Ducks play, and it pisses me off. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Oh, and did you notice the little smirk from Sasquatch and him licking his lips. I bet he was thinking, "If only I had been there, he might have needed a stretcher to get off the ice." He just seemed a bit too happy about somebody being skated off with a bleeding head; that's all I'm sayin'.

Nice work boys. I'll be back Sunday afternoon with a pregame post before the matinee on NBC. Puck drops at 2 p.m.

Go Wings.

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