Sunday, May 17, 2009

Note to Chicago: Get used to it!

See that? See that flock of Wings celebrating and the 'Bulin Wall crumbling behind them? Get used to it. You've got three more doses of it comin' real soon.

Neither the Wings nor the Hawks were at their best this afternoon, but Detroit came out on top 5-2. Cleary had himself a ballgame and the usual suspects played strong and sound defensively. Osgood was good when he needed to be and the 'Hawks were only in the game because of a couple opportunistic goals (one of which came on a powerplay that resulted from a complete phantom interference call on Jonathan Ericsson).

It's funny; I never once felt stressed about this game. Sure, it could have been some of the lasting effects of a killer hangover from my last night at college, but I can tell you right now it was nothing like game one against the Ducks. Now that was some stress. The kiddy Hawks? Nah, they don't scare me. I'm more scared of Nashville in the postseason. Why? Oh, I don't know; maybe because the Predators have been to the postseason before. These Hawks have zero experience. Sammy Pahlsson, the 'Bulin Wall and Andrew Ladd are the only players with rings on the team. That's laughable.

I mean yes, this team will be good and might win a Cup, but they're simply a road bump on the Wings' drive to 12. This first game proved that to me.

I must catch myself a little, since I felt great about Detroit and championship banner number 12 after their game one win over Anaheim too, but this is different. Chicago can't win this series. They can try, and try they will; it'll be tougher than it was today, but it won't happen. These Red Wings are more talented at every position.

See you Tuesday. Go Wings.

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