Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Lull of the Wing

Well, Michigan lost to Oklahoma. No upset. I'd be angrier if they were supposed to win but they were a huge underdog to a very good team. Their first win was huge for the program and I'm excited to see Michigan basketball back on the map. Movin' on to the real reason for this post...

The annual regular-season lull of the Red Wings.

It seems odd, considering how maniacally I support the team, but it seems to happen every year right around this time. I get too busy, the team struggles, or I miss a few games and I forget how much I love watching them. I don't know how it happens or why it happens, but I just feel like my life is a bit less oriented around the Red Wings about a month before the playoffs.

Usually, it's when the Wings have virtually clinched the division or play a few stagnant opponents in a row. I mean really, there's only so many games against the Predators that I can watch in a single week. It doesn't mean the games against those inbred cousin lovers aren't close or exciting, but when there's hardly any hype behind the matchup...I somehow lose interest.

But, I'm here to say the lull is over. Starting tomorrow night when the Red Wings take on the Flames in Calgary, I'm back. The full-on obsession has returned.

Since I've been mentally absent, Chris Osgood seems to have found a smidgen of his game again and the team as a whole is picking up speed for the playoff run. I'm excited and hopeful that Ozzie will continue to improve. Look for game recaps and thoughts after the Wings' game against Edmonton on Tuesday night, but for now I've got to go help celebrate a friend's 21st birthday! I get to do that now? Sweeet.

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