Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey Columbus! Welcome to the playoffs.


There's simply nothing more fitting for tonight's multiple victories than Johnny Drama's famous cry. Detroit crushed Columbus, and we cleaned house at the Student Org Awards. I had good steak, and Brad Stuart magically turned R.J. Umberger into dead meat. That hit was insane. In case you missed it...

Nuts. Even crazier, Umberger came back later in the game and scored the Jackets' only goal. It didn't really help though, since the series is over. Up 3-0 and outscoring the team 12-2. Out. Standing.

I was only able to watch the last eight minutes of the game, and even though they weren't the prettiest to watch since Columbus basically controlled the play, I don't care. I saw the major highlights and I've concluded that they played exactly how they needed to play. They took advantage of the hyped up crowd and made me look like a genius by dominating that key first period in 2-0 fashion. And 31 saves by Osgood?! I can't believe this guy. Worst in the regular season, best in the playoffs. Makes no sense, but I love him for it. This team deserves their own league.

As for our big night at TNH, we won Media Publication of the Year, Rookie of the Year (Christine Hawkins), Leader of the Year (John Ferguson), and Organization of the Year! After winning zero awards at the same banquet last year, it was a huge deal to be named the best organization on campus. Oh, and John's editorial shoes just grew a few more sizes...not sure if I have the feet for them. I'll do my best though, that's all that matters.

Final note: how did I miss this Pavel Datsyuk interactive pop-up ad on the Red Wings' website? Hilarious. Go Wings.

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