Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Game 3 Catch 22

Problem: The Student Organizations Awards Banquet is tonight at 7 pm. Game 3 is scheduled to start at 7 pm. I never want to miss a second of Red Wings playoff hockey, but it wouldn't exactly look very good if TNH won Org of the Year and next year's leader was off somewhere yelling and cursing at little hockey players on a television/computer screen. And the only way I can avoid that and still watch the game is to somehow jailbreak my iPod touch and stream live TV on it. Not gonna happen. Looks like I'll have to make due with frantically refreshing the score all night becuase I know I'll bite the bullet and go to the dinner.

While my Wings will play on with one fewer viewer, know that I'm not happy about it. Not one bit. If the chance to leave early arises, I'm jumpin' on that like I would have jumped one of the Titanic lifeboats. Oh, don't give me that look Women of the World. You're the ones who wanted equality, so don't judge me if I want to throw the people's elbow to one of the girls on the boat who can't spell 'equality'...it's just natural selection at work. Let it happen. Back to tonight's game.

It's simple: Wings win, the series is over. Wings lose, it's just beginning. I'm confident that the first period will be the deciding factor. Not the second. Not the third. The first. If the Wings can get a lead or even keep the score even after one, the game is theirs. But if they fall behind and those BJ "fans" get all antsy in their pantsy, I'm predicting a game three defeat.

However, I really don't want to see that happen, so show up tonight boys. Please. As A2Y so aptly points out today, the stress rockets up a few notches if the Wings are clipped tonight.

Final thoughts: Drapes is still out, Cleary's still in and the Blue Jackets are playing the sympathy card.
I can't really harp on the story itself, but I will ferociously attack the Blue Jackets' logo and mascot once and for all; the stupidity behind their choice never ceases to baffle me.

First, you're the Blue Jackets. Simply put: that doesn't exist. Unless you mean this, and that's not a mascot; it's an article of clothing. Second, if you want to claim that a "Blue Jacket" is really just a yellow jacket that's blue, then your freaking mascot shouldn't be GREEN. Finally, what the hell is your logo? First, it was this. Now, it's this. Neither makes any sense! A star with a State of Ohio flag swooshing through it? That doesn't tell me your team mascot is the Blue Jackets. All that tells me is that you're an Avalanche-imitator that wants to seem more American. It may look better than this or this, but it's wayyyyy dumber on the accuracy scale.

The sheer lack of intelligence in Ohio is staggering. Go Wings. Recap late tonight.

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