Sunday, April 19, 2009

Breaking the Silence

I can't do it. I can't keep quiet for another two months. Last year, I kept my superstition going for the whole postseason, but I'm just unable to do it again. I didn't post a new blog entry mid-series at all last year in the playoffs, and I only updated the blog in between series to make my picks. No more.
That's wallpaper-worthy stuff right there people. Amazing picture with an even more important significance.

I'm too excited about Ozzie's play in the first two games to let superstition keep me down. I'm too excited about Datsyuk's new Rahmani commercial to be silenced by the Blue Jackets. And dangit, I'm just too darned excited to see Yo-Han Fran-Zan rope in some mo' of dem playoff records. God I hate people who pronounce Johan Franzen's name incorrectly. He's a Swede, not an immigrant now living in Texas. Get it right broadcasters.

Anyway, that's basically it for today. I will be posting regularly during the rest of this series and beyond. I have some other things to get done in the next couple hours before I go see Kings of Leon tonight in Boston. And Flight of the Conchords on Friday night was awesome; they were hilarious. No hurt feelings during that show.


Anonymous said...

You bastard. The Stanley Cup Playoffs is a horrible time to be breaking superstitions. If they so much as give up the first goal I'm going to live-blog this comment thread with such anger that I'm going to have to make up new swear words.

I agree with the name pronunciation thing. In NHL 09, Gary Thorne says "FRAAN-zen", like a long "A" sound, and even though it's really not that significant it bugs me to no end. (On a similar note, I was watching Bruins highlights on NBC and Pierre McGuire pronounced Milan Lucic's name like "loo-CHEECH", which hurt my brain. For all I know that could be correct, but I've only heard it as either "LOO-sick" or "LOO-chick". After consulting an NHL name pronunciation guide (have I mentioned I'm in class right now?) it appears that it's more like "LOO-sick". An entire book could be dedicated to this subject.)

- Tyler

Andrew said...

The Franzen mispronunciation has been killing me too. You would think that professional hockey broadcasters could figure it out. Then again, of any of the major sports, they do have the toughest names to work with.