Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Much to Discuss...

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Now that you've done that (or simply ignored me and kept reading as I probably would have done were I in your position) there are plenty of things I'd like to write about.

First up, the BCS breakdown now that the college football season is over and all the bowl games have been laid out.

I'm happy to see that there are plenty of great match-ups in store for the holiday season but the realization that Michigan's not playing is depressing me by the minute. I know for a fact that I will not be able to take this kind of pain two years in a row so...get it in gear RichRod.

Anyway, I like the Texas-Ohio State match-up in the Fiesta Bowl for two reasons. One, because Ohio State will get their asses kicked (I think/hope) and two, because a strong Texas victory might put them at #1 in some of the polls and give them reason to be co-national champions with whoever wins the BCS National Title Game (especially if the winner is Oklahoma). The Alabama-Utah game is also very enticing and although I think the Rose Bowl will be lopsided in USC's favor, I'd like to see JoePa and Penn State give the Trojans a close game. Some other interesting bowl games include Michigan State vs. Georgia in the Capital One Bowl, Missouri vs. Northwestern in the Alamo Bowl, Oklahoma State vs. Oregon in the Holiday Bowl, and Iowa vs. South Carolina in the Outback Bowl. On New Year's Day I will most certainly be watching the Red Wings play the Blackhawks at Wrigley Field in the Winter Classic but I'm sure I'll be flipping through the bowls during commercials and intermissions. I feel bad for Boise State though, since they had an impressive 12-0 record given their schedule and were left out of the BCS while undeserving teams like Cincinnati and Virginia Tech get to duke it out in the Orange Bowl. Especially after the program's victory over Oklahoma a couple years ago, the blue-turfed Broncoes deserved better than a San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl berth against TCU. (And yes, that's the full name of the bowl...how ridiculous is that?)

Turning towards hockey now, I figured it was time to check in on those Red Wings.
  • Could Chris Osgood be playing any worse right now? I mean yeah...the Wings are still racking up wins but Ozzie is posting a blimp-sized 3.17 GAA and an abysmal .876 SV%. Are you freaking kidding me? His hefty goals against average ranks 38th out of 43 goalies in the entire league and his save percentage is tied for absolute worst in the league at 43rd. Jeeeeez Ozzie, you better find whatever it is you're missing come playoff time because otherwise, the Wings will be out in the first round.
  • How good is Marian Hossa? Whipped cream out of the can good. Soft, fuzzy, warm, new socks good. Pairing him with Pavel Datsyuk is simply unfair.
  • Is Nicklas Lidstrom giving all other defensemen a chance to catch up in the Norris trophy race? He's played quite mediocre so far this year (for him...so still best in the league but by a slimmer margin) and I'm wondering if guys like Phanuef or Chara can step up and snatch away his birthright at the Awards show next June. I wouldn't bet against Captain Nick though, he'll step things up a notch as the season goes along.
  • The Wings are 18-4-4 and as far as I'm concerned, they don't even look like they've played that well all year. That's crazy. Watch out, rest of the league.
And my final sports topic of the night...the atrocious, the barbaric, the winless Detroit Lions ladies and gentlemen!

Seriously? A professional football team playing with a squad full of players that get paid to do nothing but play a sport every day of every year is going to win a total of ZERO games this season? I predicted it early in the year after they started the season with some dreadful games (including a 48-25 loss to the Packers when they were winning 25-24 with five and half minutes left in the fourth quarter) but I never thought it would actually happen. With three games left (at Indy, vs. New Orleans, and at Green Bay), I hiiiighly doubt the Lions will even come close to stopping history. They're going to be the first-ever 0-16 team; the worst team in professional-sports history. Wow...that's staggering. I mean...I can't reeeally call myself a fan because my mood has never been lifted or brought down by the result of a Lions game but since I root for the rest of Detroit's teams, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon. Baaaaaad decision.

I'm done. This was basically just a few quickwrites thrown together since I haven't written anything just for myself in a little while. I did attend an awesome concert Sunday night in Boston at the Orpheum Theater though. I saw Vampire Weekend and they were so much fun. Their songs just make me smile and enjoy life because of their upbeat melodies but seeing them in concert increased that feeling tenfold. I took a bunch of videos and they're all on YouTube, and linked throughout this paragraph, including one embedded below.

I'm going to bed now. Hope you enjoyed the reading...I'll be back, back, back, gone sometime soon.

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