Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First, and Last, Bueller Results

As I sit here spending my sixth hour in the Las Vegas International Airport, I decided to cut off the deadline for the Bueller Awards that I introduced a few weeks ago and retire the charade as a gimmick that didn't go as planned. I came up with some good categories and some bad ones and I doubt I'll do it again next year. I was satisfied with the number of votes, some as high as seven for one category, but just feel like it was a pointless endeavor. It was mostly just moving away from the overall goal of my blog, which is to write about what I enjoy and write it the way I want. So, without furter ado, here are your victors:

The Best Team of 2008 Bueller Award goes to...the Detroit Red Wings by a wide margin!The Best Performance of 2008 Bueller Award goes to....Michael Phelps by a close 3-2 vote over Henrik Zetterberg!The Best Album of 2008 Bueller Award goes to....the Counting Crows!The Best Blogger of 2008 Bueller Award goes to....Abel to Yzerman!The Best Movie of 2008 Bueller Award goes to....the Dark Knight!The Best Columnist of 2008 Bueller Award goes to....Rick Reilly and John Buccigross in a tie!
The Biggest Bonehead of 2008 Bueller Award goes to....Sean Avery in a landslide!So there ya have it. The Bueller Awards. Fun fun. I'm done with this post because I want to start talking about the Winter Classic.

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