Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weekend Update

Hello all! A bit of a rainy weekend here at school so while I'm stuck inside I might as a well post an update of what's happening in the world. Well, the world according to me anyway...

  • In Tuesday's big primaries, Hillary "I'm a huge bitch" Clinton won Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island while Barack "I'm Awesome" Obama won Vermont. You'd think this would be a momentum swinger for Clinton, since Obama had won 11 straight primaries up to this point, but she gained only four delegates in the process. A recent statistic from the AP also shows that Hillary would have to win 62% of the remaining delegates to overtake Obama, which is close to impossible with the way that the Democrats award delegates. Also, since Super Tuesday (Feb. 5th), Obama's net gain of super delegates is +53 while Clinton's is -1. Clinton also recently said that both her and McCain, the recently chosen Republican nominee for president, would be better leaders than Obama, which only tells me she has completely lost her mind.
  • Oh, and if you got bogged down in all that political mumbo-jumbo, I'll summarize for you. Hillary Clinton is completely insane. Barack Obama is charismatic and the obvious choice for our next president. John McCain is nothing but an old Republican.
  • Turning to sports now, the Red Wings have started to win again, having beaten the Sabres and Blues in their first two games of March. I think they will start to get back to their league-best form when Lidstrom, Cleary, and Chelios all return. Also, Coach Babcock has decided to play Hasek in most of the team's final 14 games, which only tells me he will be the goalie come playoff time. That's good, but I worry about his durability as he is still a 43-year-old, injury prone guy.
  • The Pistons lost a recent contest with the "best" team in the East, the Celtics, which tells me nothing except that the Celtics play well in the regular season and will finish with the league's best record. Whoopty doo. Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back while the Pistons actually work towards the playoffs.
  • The Tigers are looking strong in spring training and Miguel Cabrera has a very good shot at challenging A-Rod for the MVP this year. He's more fit than he's been in the past couple years and playing for a contender will fuel his intensity. This team is fantastic. World Series or bust.
  • As for the Lions...well, they still suck. Until GM Matt Millen is fired, that fact will never change.
  • I watched No Country for Old Men last night so here's a quick review: It was great and its Best Picture Oscar was well deserved. Javier Bardem was amazing as the psychotic killer and though the ending was confusing to me, I can see how it would make sense as a book-ending, which is what the story was before the Cohen brothers turned it into a movie. Final verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • I'm headed to New Orleans with my Dad in eleven days to play some golf over spring break, which will be incredibly awesome! I'm so excited...and I'll be sure to post some entries about the courses we play and take plenty of pictures, so stay tuned.
  • I witnessed a drunk snowball fight on my way back from the Gables last night, which was not only hilarious but ended with one of the kids hitting another in the eye with what turned out to be more of an ice ball rather than a snow ball. Ouch for him, but great entertainment for me.
  • As for some music recommendations, I think you should all listen to Eddie Vedder's Into the Wild soundtrack, especially the tracks "Hard Sun" and grammy-nominated "Guaranteed." As for other music, pick up some new or old John Mayer. You won't regret it and as the motto for Sam Adams would tell you, it's always a good decision.
That's all I've got for now but everyone have a nice weekend and I'll be back with another post next week as spring break begins!

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