Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Final College Football Rankings

As promised, here are my final college football rankings, with explanations, after LSU gave OSU another wake-up call in the BCS title game.

1. USC - I personally think right now, while everyone is healthy, USC has the best athletes and the best coach in the country. They are the best in the country right now and I would be glued to my television if I could watch USC vs. LSU right now...that would be one hell of a game.
2. LSU - I know in my previous post I said that neither team in the title game would be #1 but LSU's performance almost made me do it anyway. I am a man of my word however, and they'll sit happily at #2. After all, they did finish 12-0-2 in regulation (their two losses were in triple overtime).
3. Georgia - As good as they are, they didn't deserve a shot at the title because they came in 3rd in their conference...having said that, they crushed an overhyped Hawaii team and showed that they will be a formidable opponent this fall.
4. West Virginia - Even without their coach, they proved why they are an incredibly good football team at full health. Like USC, they lost their two games with limited playing time by their star players and suffered because of it. Even though I didn't like it at the time, their loss to Pitt gave Michigan their next great coach so, thanks WVU and good luck in 2008!
5. Missouri - Hey, what can I say? I like 'em. They only lost to Oklahoma twice and they were snubbed by the BCS so someone has to give them a little love. They're a damned good football team.
6. Oklahoma - Even though they lost their bowl game I still put them ahead of Kansas.
7. Kansas - Go home Kansas, you didn't deserve to be in the Orange Bowl and you beat a bad Virginia Tech team.
8. Tennessee - Good year, nice bowl game...nothing special.
9. Boston College - I don't like you, but you had a good season so enjoy top ten status.
10. Ohio State - Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, you suckkkkkk. Play on repeat.

Only 235 more days until Michigan starts the 2008 season!! So long, college football fans!

Onto NFL news...

Some boring wildcard games I didn't watch that closely and...I finished 3-1 with the only wrong pick coming at the hands of Seattle beating Washington. I thought the Sean Taylor thing would put them over the top but...oh well. My revised picks are as follows:

AFC: Same, Pats beat Jags, Colts beat Bolts, Pats beat Colts. Tom Brady!
NFC: I feel like the Giants will beat the Cowboys...maybe because I dislike those farmhands that call themselves "America's Team"...anyway I'm picking the Cowboys over the Giants and I'm sticking with the Packers, only in this revised edition they beat the Seahawks.

Checking in on the hockey front:
The Red Wings are still awesome...on pace for 61 wins (the most in NHL history other than...the Red Wings who won 62 in 1995-96).

And in the NBA:
Boston, I dislike you but I will see you in the East Finals. See, the Pistons have been there 5 straight years, where's your experience? Oh, you don't have any? I hope you have a better answer than that in May...tsk tsk.

That's all folks!

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