Monday, December 10, 2007

Michigan Coaching Search

Thus far, the search for Michigan's next coach has been less than ideal. Bill Martin's failure to contact Les Miles tells me that he wasn't Martin's first choice because Michigan has plenty of money and could have easily contacted him before Miles made his decision. I think that with input from Carr, Martin simply didn't choose to pursue whether or not that is the right decision, we'll never know. All the rumors that continue to circulate about Miles still leaving are preposterous, mostly because he has signed a contract with LSU through 2012 and if he backs out of that to go to Michigan, I don't want him. Who would want a guy whose word is as authentic as Fogel's fake ID?

My thoughts toward Greg Schiano are as follows: he's a good coach, but if he wants to stay at Rutgers instead of coach Michigan, for football let me remind you, he's obviously waiting for something else. *Cough* Penn State head coaching job when Paterno leaves *Cough*. There is no other logical explanation to pick Rutgers over Michigan and Schiano has been explicit in saying he loves Penn State (of which he is an alumnus) and would strongly consider the job if open. So for all the sports writers and "expert" columnists like Woody Paige and Tim Cowlishaw, this is not an embarrassing situation for Michigan. Yes, the coaching search has looked bleak thus far. Yes, the list of possible candidates going forward isn't very long. But before you pass judgment, you have to look at the fact that Miles did NOT "turn down" Michigan as you all said. If Miles was never contacted by UM, which he verified to multiple sources, how could Michigan have made an offer to be turned down? I've heard that Schiano was given an unofficial offer, so his rejection to Michigan was warranted but, like I said earlier, he is waiting for Penn State's post-Paterno era and if he took the Michigan job, he would be tied up for at least the next five years. That would very likely leave him without a chance to apply for his dream job. In sum, this has been stressful and has looked unfortunate at times, but Michigan will find a coach before the end of January and that coach will have to prove himself in the 2008 season, regardless of his credentials coming in. Before I end this first post, I will give a short list of candidates I like and dislike as the search moves forward...

Top 3 Possibilities (Future holds rebirth and Big Ten titles):
1. Brian Kelly (Cincinnati Head Coach)
2. Rich Rodriguez (West Virginia Head Coach)
3. Jim Harbaugh (Stanford Head Coach)

Bottom 3 Possibilities (Future holds a fiery apocalypse):
1. Brady Hoke (Ball State Head Coach)
2. Brady Hoke (Ball State Head Coach)
3. Brady Hoke (Ball State Head Coach)

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