Monday, December 31, 2007

16-0 and NFL Playoff Predictions

Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoy the upcoming New Year. As December comes to a close, the best football games of the year begin to unfold. First, the college bowl season heats up and then the NFL Playoffs begin. On that note, this past weekend a Michigan hero, Tom Brady, made history and led his New England Patriots to a perfect regular season at 16-0! This feat is not complete unless they can win the Super Bowl because they will simply be a footnote in history if they can't come through in the playoffs. Brady has secured his status as a legend and in my mind, he is the best quarterback of all-time. Once he solidifies this fourth Super Bowl win, Montana (the only man I would consider possibly ahead of him) and Brady would both have 4 Super Bowl rings. Way to make Michigan proud Tom!

Alright, well the purpose of this post was to update the Detroit sports scene and make my playoff predictions for the NFL. First, an update on Detroit sports:

Red Wings - Continuing to roll through the entire NHL. They go into their final game of December tomorrow night at 12-1-1 for the month, with four of those games without Zetterberg or Holmstrom. Incredible.
Pistons - Since a rough 8-5 start, the Pistons have gone 15-2 and shown that they are still the class of the Eastern Conference with a win in Boston against the "high and mighty" Celtics. The win was too close to take any real significance from it but it has basically shown the matchup for the Eastern Conference Finals come playoff time. Should be a great series.
Lions - Finished the season today with another embarrassing loss to the Packers, finalizing their record at 7-9. One heck of an improvement from last year (3-13) but when the team loses more games to a lack of effort than to a lack of talent, there is definitely a big problem. Let's try this again, FIRE MILLEN, please.

Alright, now that everyone is caught up, here are my predictions for the NFL playoffs:

AFC Wild Card --> Jacksonville over Pittsburgh, San Diego over Tennessee
NFC Wild Card --> Washington over Seattle, New York over Tampa Bay

AFC Divisional --> New England over Jacksonville, Indianapolis over San Diego
NFC Divisional --> Washington over Dallas, Green Bay over New York

AFC Championship --> New England over Indianapolis
NFC Championship --> Green Bay over Washington

Super Bowl --> New England over Green Bay

Yay...circa 1997 Super Bowl when Green Bay beat the Bledsoe-led Pats but this time, the Pats show the NFL that they really are the best team in history and finish out their 19-0 run.

I'll be back with a full overview in a few days after the result of the Capital One Bowl...until then, Goodbye 2007 and Happy New Year everyone!

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