Thursday, June 4, 2009


Completely and utterly dead. That's how I feel inside.

From right before the game when Datsyuk was announced a no-go, to right at the end when the sea of Penguins fans began celebrating, I felt dead. I absolutely cannot live through this series if the Red Wings are to lose.

I'm starting to have visions. Visions of Sidney Crosby taking the most glorious trophy in sports from the worst commissioner in sports. Visions of a truly happy Pierre McGuire. Visions of NHL commercials that make it look like the Penguins won Cup because they actually won the Cup. Visions of a parade in Pittsburgh. These visions are haunting. They churn the vomit pool in my stomach.

I've come to the conclusion that it would truly be the worst thing in the history of sports to see Sidney Crosby lift the Stanley Cup. I hope it never happens. I hope Sidney gets to grow out his playoff "beard" every year until June and never, ever kiss that silver. The fact that he's only two games away makes me want to drink battery acid. There was a time when I read his biography two years ago and was genuinely interested in finding out what made this "Golden Boy" tick. Now, every part of me that liked him once has died once, come back to life and died again. The NHL can't have this whining non-leader as their poster boy for years to come. It just can't happen.

I can't take these ifs. I want to believe. But immediately after a Cup Finals loss with another game looming only two days away (thanks for the rest, Gary)...I'm losing the faith. By Saturday, I'll be back in my Red Wings gear and rooting as hard as ever for my boys in red, but I can't do it right now.

The Red Wings looked tired. They looked desperate. They played a solid 30 minutes of hockey, but the game lasts for 60 minutes nowadays. They need the home crowd more than ever, and THEY. NEED. DATSYUK. So, man the hell up Dangle and get on the ice. How do you skate in the pregame and then not play? It drives me insane. I'm losing my patience with you.

Game five is a must win. I refuse to go into Pittsburgh down 3-2. I've had a completely pessimistic view during this entire blog post and that scares me.

Let's. Go. Red. Wings. See ya Saturday.

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