Saturday, November 22, 2008

M-barrassing Season Comes to An End

It's never felt this bad to be a Michigan fan.

Rich Rodriguez's first season as head coach of the Wolverines is finished, with a 3-9 record. Worst in Michigan's 129 year history and two more losses than ever previously recorded for a Michigan football team.

There is hope for the future and I still think Rodriguez is the right guy for the job but right now, all I want to do is sit in a dark corner and sulk. Here's a compilation I made to sum up the season, enjoy.

*EDIT* - I don't know how I messed this up but the score for the Utah game says Utah 25, Michigan 17 when they actually lost 25-23. I'm an idiot, but don't let that mistake take away from the slideshow. That is all.

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Penny Kittle said...

Okay.. now you've gone one step farther in creativity on this blog. The movie commentary!! I'm pumped. This is my new teaching tool, Cam, and I have another site to send students to. You created it for yourself, an interesting composition of image, sound, and text. I love it. Sorry about the Wolverines, though. I loved the games we watched in the stadium and know how much you care for this team. They really can't be worse than this, right? So there's always next fall...
Love ya,