Saturday, September 13, 2008

The 50th Post!

Back when I started this blog, on December 10th of last year, I didn't think it would last. My first post was used to vent some of the anger I felt towards the talking heads on TV who were constantly criticizing Michigan's head coaching search. I never thought it would become a weekly updated venue where some of my best writing could surface and allow me a place to write about what is happening in my life and what I really care about. From Michigan football to Red Wing hockey to the devastating loss of my grandfather, this blog has given me a new idea of what a "blogger" really is. Many folks still see it as somebody who has nothing else to do with their life and sits in their basement, writing ridiculous opinionated statements about a variety of subject matters. Creating my own has shown me that it's really just a way to express my own opinions in a place where my family members and friends can read and comment on my writing. So, in celebration of the 50th post, I've decided to make a few goals to try and improve this blog even further. At least once a month, I want to reach out and find an issue about anything from sports to news that irks me in some way or catches my attention and I will write about it. I plan to emulate my idols in the columnist field, Mitch Albom and Rick Reilly, in doing this. Readers should also expect to see more Michigan football previews, talks about hockey and the Red Wings, and reviews of movies, concerts, and other things happening in my life. So, I will begin the post-50th post era of When Cameron Was In Egypt's Land with my first attempt at a column followed by the third Michigan football preview of the 2008 season.

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