Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ugh. Well, I was half right about my prediction for the Michigan-Notre Dame football game. It was ugly, but only for Michigan. Seven fumbles, four of them lost, and two interceptions. How can any team possibly expect to win when they can't take care of the ball? The only positive thing about the loss today was that Steven Threet showed that he can be accurate with his passes and that Sam McGuffie is an amazing runner with breakaway speed. But costly penalties, some of which were blatently bad calls, and terrible ball handling gave Notre Dame way too many chances and took Michigan right out of the game this afternoon.

The second half of the game was incredibly ugly, like I predicted, because the rain picked up and both teams were turning the ball over like it was a hot potato (Michigan had 4 turnovers and ND had 2). Other than one of the fumbles that was returned for a touchdown, there were no other points scored in the half and it was very hard to watch. Neither team could move the ball effectively on offense. It was a grudge match. That's the exact game I was expecting to watch. Only problem was, the first half featured fairly decent weather in which ND quarterback Jimmy Clausen showed that he can beat you with his arm and went deep a couple times to his speedy receiever Golden Tate (who in the hell names their kid Golden, by the way?). Even though Notre Dame led 28-17 at the half, the first two quarters were fairly even. If not for two early Michigan turnovers that Notre Dame turned into touchdowns, Michigan would have been up 17-14 at the half. But, that's life and Michigan couldn't keep their hands on the ball.

In closing, I really hate Notre Dame and their fight song and their stupid golden helmets. If Jimmy Clausen really wants to sport that haircut, he might as well just do everyone else a favor and get a sex change. He looks like a girl. An ugly girl. Unfortunately, his haircut didn't influence his passing abilities and he was able to throw to his favorite target, Golden Taint, sorry...I mean Golden Tate, who was too fast for the Michigan's cornerbacks and was seemingly running circles around them whenever he got the ball.

So, Michigan's 1-2 and they have a bye week next weekend. They should use this time off to regroup and figure out how to fix the turnover problems. Oh, and I don't want Nick Sheridan to ever be quarterback again. Threet's the guy Michigan needs if they want to get to a bowl game this year. The Wolverines' next game is in two weeks, at home against Wisconsin. I will know more about the Badgers after their tough game tonight against Fresno State but in reality, they are 10th in the country and Michigan will have to play extremely well to beat them.

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