Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holdin' out for a home life

Winding down another great weekend with a bad romantic comedy on the couch by myself in my apartment (this Sunday's selection: I'm Reed Fish - it's pretty lame, even as far as romantic comedies go, and I'm about as lenient a judge on movies as it gets), I'm struck for the second time in a week with a bout of homesickness.

Now, I've got myself a great life. I drive my dream car to work every day. I somehow picked up a full-time job at one of the state's most well respected newspapers right out of school. I have the best girl by my side. I have a nice apartment with a great friend fully furnished with gifts from my parents - a huge leather couch, a soft comfy queen bed, a kitchen table, chairs, and the like. I'm truly happy, and I don't take it for granted. As MGMT says, I'm in the prime of my life.

But every once in a while I really pine for my dad's mashed potatoes, my mom's grilled chicken, my sister's Risotto. The couch in my kitchen: a perfect spot for reading, even if it's too short to completely lay down. My energetic Corgi, aged Golden Retriever, and the affectionate but insane cats. Family movie nights. The view of my backyard. Walks around the neighborhood.

I don't want you to get the idea that I'm turning my Blogspot into a Livejournal. Most of these types of posts are reserved for my real journal each day or night. Recaps of the day, life's aspirations and goals. That stuff's not often necessary for public viewing, even on the Internet.

But since my mind's been racing a bit tonight, I thought I'd do some writing to clear my head and send a message.

If you're young and living at home, be it that you're out of school and unhappily unemployed or still a student and working your summer break at a life-sucking job, enjoy the home life. Push for new opportunities and work toward the excitement of an independent life, but don't throw away your time at home. It's worth more than you think.

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Penny Kittle said...

Thanks for the tears tonight, Cam. Love the Mayer video since I never watch him live and don't surf youtube much. We miss you. Glad this will always be your home.

See you tomorrow... Love ya.