Monday, March 15, 2010

Return to Blogging: Wings-Flames Live Coverage

It's been two months. I have no excuses; most of my thoughts about hockey have been better expressed through 140 characters than in long form here. Anyway, now I'm on spring break and I have little to do over the next week other than celebrate my 22nd birthday on St. Patrick's Day and lie around my house. So, since this game with the Flames is huge (regular-season-wise), I thought I'd check back into the blogging hotel for a night and see what my lazy brain comes up with. Enjoy.

Detroit Red Wings at Calgary Flames

First Period
  • Oh, half a minute in and Holmstrom skates off with a knee injury. I'm regretting this already.
  • It gets better! Wings turnover results in a Flames goal less than two minutes in annnd we're down 1-0. Jeez, what a way to start the biggest game of the regular season so far. The fact that I typed that sentence combined with my Red Wings fandom verbs my noun in ways I can't even comprehend. When was the last time a regular season game actually mattered for the Red Wings? March 26, 1997 is the last one that comes to mind, and even that one was just bragging rights.
  • Lidstrom giveaway down low almost ends in a goal if not for save by Rookie Goaltender. Who is this team?
  • I like the looks of the new Cleary-Filapoola (Babcock pronunciation) - Zetterberg line. Talented, hard-working. If only they could put the puck in the net.
  • Shorthanded two-on-one and no goal. Surprised? Not me. Not this year.
  • Random deviation: The incredibly messed up episode of South Park with Kenny and his "cheesing" addiction is on. I love the show, but this one was just weird. Cartman posing as the Anne Frank for cats and Kenny high on cat urine for the whole episode? Just...weird. The new one where Matt and Trey take on Tiger Woods (airs on Wednesday) looks pretty interesting though. Could be hilarious if it doesn't get too crazy like the one they did about Britney Spears a while back. Anyway, back to the game.
  • This play-by-play on FSN-Detroit is so boring. I mean it's a one-goal first period, but Mickey is slow. He's using....silence as...a filler. Maybe that's why I'm watching the game on my computer, live-blogging and glancing at the TV all at the same time. Pick it up in the second, Mick, please.
  • End of the period, still down 1-0. A few chances from the Wings, but mostly just a back and forth period with an early goal scored off a turnover. Maltby's pretty bad as an announcer, by the way, but then again so is Matthew Barnaby and he got a job at ESPN. Nevermind, I don't care. Bring on period two.
Second Period
  • Very little happening. Random thought: Does anyone else think that if the Wings had the money/means to trade for huge talents like Olli Jokinen and Jay Bouwmeester that they'd be thriving and leading the league in just about everything? The Wings develop players better than any other team. I'm not biased or anything.
  • Nice, retaliatory play to check Holmstrom in the back of the head for...being Holmstrom. The drunk Canadian crowd loved it though.
  • Where did this Kiprusoff come from? I thought he was still all high and mighty about playing for Finland and giving up a ton of goals to U.S.-born players. I guess he likes Calgary better. Seems like the same place to me. Cold. North. Not America. Yeah. Same place.
  • Random deviation #2: Love that I have an automatic mute button on my MacBook: it's perfect for when that still-retarded Fillet-O-Fish commercial comes on and I don't have to have that song stuck in my head for hours. Thanks, Apple; I'm sure that was what you were thinking when you designed it.
  • Yeah Mickey, Drew Miller for the Vezina this year. And I thought Murph was the lovable idiot on this telecast. Jeez I'm critical tonight. Perhaps it's just boredom. Or an overload of ice cream. Both? Nevermind.
  • J-Will rings an easy goal off the post. Ugh. He's a perfect fit as Samuelsson's replacement.
  • Nice save, Jimmy Howard. I tell ya this kid better win the Calder this year after all the crap he's been through in the minors. He's proven his worth.
  • Do the Red Wings defensemen know they're playing in Calgary and not at the Joe? Shoot the puck at the net, not the boards, guys. They aren't the same up here in Canada, eh.
  • Score. Power play. Let's capitalize.
  • Bullshit. Terrible call. That's called good defense on a breakaway. Wait. How the hell is that a penalty shot? Dear God. Please Jimmy, please....THANK You. Nice save. Let's get this power play going again.
  • Tie game! What a shot by Datsyuk. Honest to God I'll never get tired of watching that man play hockey. Sure, Yzerman will go down in history as my favorite hockey player of all time, but Datsyuk is the best to watch. His talent is unmatched. I feel like I should go put on his jersey. But then it would cover my "Got Yzerman?" shirt. A conundrum only a Red Wings fan would have.
  • Oh, the period's over. 1-1 and headed to the third for eighth in the West. Let's do it.
Third Period
  • The Wings have come out with a lot of fire to start this period. They better keep it up and take the lead instead of let it die out and lose it in the final minutes.
  • Crap. Unavoidable four-minute power play for the Flames. Pleeease kill it.
  • Whew. What a kill. I was going to interrupt it a couple times but didn't want to jinx it. Big penalty kill. Won't matter though if the Wings can't score and put the pressure on the home team.
  • Son of a...Kronwall rings another post. Nice move though. Datsyuk probably would've just chipped it calmly over Kipper for the goal like this beauty, but he's a hockey deity. Can't blame Kronwall for simply being good and not perfect.
  • Are the Red Wings really going to play a full season with Todd Bertuzzi on their roster? It's still hard to believe and the signing happened last summer...
  • Five minutes to go and I'm dreading overtime or a shootout. Yeah, they're fun to watch, but Detroit has 12 OT or shootout losses this year. Not sure why, but they can't close the deal when the extra point is on the line. End it in regulation, please.
  • That's what I'm talking about! 2-1 Wings after another ho-hum (amazing) deflection goal by Holmstrom in front of the net and only a minute and change remaining in the game. That's exactly what the Wings need to take this game. Hold on Jimmy!
  • Nice save Jimmy! 14 seconds to play. The kid has really been huge and if the Wings make the playoffs (never thought I'd ever think those words), I say the spot is his to lose.
  • Awesome comeback. 2-1 Wings final score. Big win to move three points up on Calgary and one behind Nashville with the stretch run still to come. Yes, yes and yes.
Post Game Thoughts
  • Tight game. Playoff-type game. And the Wings won it with solid goaltending, good defense, a clutch penalty kill, and a timely even-strength goal. That sounds more like the championship-caliber Wings I've been watching for years.
  • Four days off before what should be an easy win against Edmonton might be a bit of a buzzkill after the momentum generated from a big game like tonight, but I think it'll be good for the team. Good for rest, good for focus, good overall. I like the Wings' chances after tonight. They look determined.
I have nothing else to add. This Yeah, fun. Perhaps I'll be back while I'm still on break, but don't count on it. I'm sure by now you've all deleted me from your bookmarks anyway. I don't blame you. I blame Sidney Rosby. He's the reason for all the world's problems.

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