Saturday, February 21, 2009

Long Overdue

Well, it's been 11 days since I last posted. There are simply too few hours in the day to get done everything I want to do in a single day and unfortunately, this blog has been left by the wayside over the past week and a half. Here's a few things that I missed that I want to address:
  • How did the Red Wings lose to the Avs again?! Seriously, that pissed me off. They were in LAST PLACE at the time. Ugh. Oh right, Osgood was in net...that's why they lost 6-5. Double ugh. (Oh, and currently, two straight games with Conklin in net, two straight victories with less than three goals allowed. Just sayin').
  • Hossa got in a fight?! Jesus, they better bring this guy back for another year in the Winged Wheel. If he wasn't a fan favorite already, he is now. I love how he defended his teammate by showin' Ryan Suter some real brawn.
  • The Red Wings sent Osgood a real message this week, giving him a 10-day vacation to clear his head, work with goalie coach Jim Bedard, and straighten things out. Meanwhile, Jimmy Howard is slated to start tonight against the Wild. My response: Amen. Finally the team gives Ozzie an ultimatum. I'm intrigued to see how well Jimmy Howard will play, but in reality, it doesn't matter. He's the third-stringer at best and that won't change this year.
  • A real quick question to all of you dissenters of Ty Conklin: why the hell isn't he the guy for the playoffs? Why can't you see it? Yeah, he's a backup. So was Osgood last year. Yeah, he's never been a big-name goalie or a consistent guy for his career. Neither was Cam Ward two years ago when the Hurricanes won it all. But Ward played well enough for his team to win and that's exactly what Conklin has been doing all year. I'm confident in Conk, you should be too.
  • Nate Robinson didn't deserve to win the NBA Slam Dunk Competition. Dwight Howard's first dunk in the final should have won the competition regardless of what happened afterward. Just look at Howard's wingspan to throw that down...that shouldn't be possible.
  • The Michigan Wolverines have moved up to third overall in the national polls for college hockey. I'm psyched. They look almost as good as last year and should be able to make another run at a NCAA title.
  • Tiger Woods is coming back to compete in the match-play tournament next week. I'm double psyched. And I'll probably write a column about it for TNH if I get a chance for Tuesday's paper. He's baaaaaack.
There are a few good things to look through in there, but right now I'm at a bit of a standstill with things to write about. I will try to be back with something good tomorrow though; I just need to find something motivating.

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Anonymous said...

Good brief post, young man...I was amazed to learn, although in retrospect, not surprised, that there is actually a website called agree with you about Hossa. There was a decent article in the most recent SI about how Sid the kid misses Hossa's support on the Pens this year.