Monday, January 12, 2009

Exhibits A and B

Pavel Datsyuk is a God among men. His set up to Holmstrom for the Wings' second goal tonight was unreal. *Update - It also managed to get #4 praise in Sportscenter's Top 10 Plays*

And his game-leading goal in the third period was an absolute gem. What this video can't show you is that he roofed the puck up in the top left corner from a ridiculous angle in a space so small even a mouse couldn't squeeze into. One of the announcers said after the goal that Datsyuk would be the "valedictorian of awesome school." That line right there pretty much sums up my whole argument from the previous post. I love it.

I'm still seething about their overtime loss absolutely terrible call by the officials to give the Stars a powerplay with less than 4 minutes left and then of course, Dallas ties it up and wins it on a lucky goal in overtime. GRRRRRR! Such crap. Ozzie had such a great game in goal...he had multiple miraculous saves (see below) that were wasted by bad officiating and bad luck. I'll get over this loss soon enough but for now, I'm pissed. Enjoy the least they made the game worth watching.

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Tyler said...

For whatever reason the loss didn't kill me like it usually would. I credit that to Datsyuk, and to some extent Osgood. They were amazing.